The 2018 season begins!

The hoop house and the open garden are being groomed and readied for planting. Compost is being turned and mixed. Seeds are being sprouted in the small greenhouse. We now have a small tractor to help control wild blackberries and move heavy materials and compost to where needed. Stay tuned for updates as the 2018 season begins.



Onion sprouts, still bearing their seed hats, growing in our smaller greenhouse. Photo by Brittney “Sparky” Graffagnino.

Darkness all around me
fresh into this life.
This feeling is astounding
though I am full of strife.
I feel like I am drowning
there is no where to go.
My heartbeat is pounding
I need to try and grow.
I reach my limbs out
as far as they can.
I am filled with doubt
Is this my life span?
This will not be my fate
I will not die here.
I move at a slow rate
and I fight through my fear.
I push and I crawl
as I move through the dark.
No time to stall
I need to hit my mark.
Then finally a light
So blinding and warm;
It gave me a fright
But helped me transform.

I was not dying
I was being born.

—Dakota Huber

Onion seedlings discovering the world beyond the soil. Photo taken by Adam J. Manley.